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artist’s drawing of the Roman city and fort of Singidunum

Singidunum (modern Belgrade, Serbia) was the site of the main military camp of the Lucky Flavian IV Legion. As chief legate (commander) of the the Lucky IV, Gaius Fabius would have spent much time within the stone walls of the massive square fort built here by soldiers of the Lucky IV at the end of the first century AD.


remains of the Roman fort walls with medieval additions

It was from Singidunum that Gaius and his forces would have embarked on their campaigns against Dacia just across the Danube River. The Lucky VI Legion took part in the famous Second Battle of Tapae in 101 AD. No doubt the victories over the Dacians at Tapae during the First Dacian War earned Gaius great military honors, including the ceremonial Dacian falx that he stores in his weapons cabinet down at his Campanian villa.

Remember when Allerix had to chose between the Roman sword (gladius) and the Dacian falx for his swordplay with Gaius? 🙂


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