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bespoke DOMINUS maps

We’ve commissioned the amazing Catherine Dair to create custom, full-color maps for the Dominus novels. These zoomable maps are only included in the English version eBooks for Games of Rome and Blood Before Wine. Black & White versions are included in the English version paperbacks.

We hope to have a third map for final Book 4. I’ve added them here for our French readers and those interested in bespoke maps.

While most of the sites are historically accurate, some fictional structures are included as well (Gaius Fabius’s mansion, Lucius Petronius’s house).

Click on the maps and zoom in to see all the fabulous details and scene vignettes!

Dominus Map 1

Bespoke map of Rome by Catherine Dair for Games of Rome (2015)

Dominus Map 2

Bespoke map of Italy and Dacia by Catherine Dair for Blood Before Wine (2019)

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