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a dominus short story

A potent distraction


"Wishes and wants

This was a fun interlude for Gaius and Alle. I do admit that Gaius surprised me and I hope for both his and Alle’s sakes someday his dreams come true."

Goodreads reader

"This was so much fun! Drunk Gaius is very entertaining! I loved it!"

Goodreads reader

"This is my first read of this series and I was intrigued. I loved the world description and it got me interested enough to wish to read the rest of the books."

Goodreads reader

"This writer has a way of transporting readers to the setting with incredible description. I’ve enjoyed most of the fun romps with the cast of characters in JP Kenwood’s universe and this one was just as pleasing.

Gaius is flawed, but he truly has a heart of gold for those he deeply cares about. What I love most is how entwined he and Alle are in all aspects of their emotions. It definitely keeps you hooked on the storyline.

If you like historical, plot packed m/m romps, this series is for you!"

Amazon reader

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