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DOMINUS Book 4 Update

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Great news!

The entirety of the Roman section of Favorites of Fortuna is done and with our beta readers who will check for any plot holes or inconsistencies. While they are busy reading bees, I'm finishing up the prologue and epilogue sections. What does all this mean? The book is almost done and ready for prime time!

In this last book of the Dominus series, Favorites of Fortuna (Dominus Book 4), readers will travel much of the expanse of the eastern Roman Empire. As always, there's lots of political intrigue, a touch of murder, gobs of history and wine, joy and tragedy, hefty sprinkles of magic, and hot loving times. And, as promised, a smile filled ending for Gaius and Allerix.

Here's the basic map with the significant sites we'll visit. This stunning map was created once again by our dear Catherine Dair for Favorites of Fortuna. The final map in the book will also include two gorgeous portrait vignettes by Catherine.

When I have a firm date for Book 4's release, I will post it here, so stay tuned.... not long now!!!


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