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Wrapping up this fun scene: Gaius’s dinner with the imperial family. Pliny’s there. Marcia’s there. Damn, even Apollodorus showed up! 😀

As you know, Gaius’s favorite snack is stuffed dormice. Not a damn crunchy mousicle in sight at this posh bash in one of the private dining rooms in the palace. Let the snarky sparks fly!

Here’s a nice article on the varieties of food in the ancient Roman world: http://www.historyextra.com/article/food/dormice-ostrich-meat-and-fresh-fish-surprising-foods-eaten-ancient-rome

Next up? The tavern scene. Drunk Gaius hanging out with even more plastered veteran soldiers. What a lovely time and place to introduce a new character, Titus Petronius. \o/



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