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Hatra, founded by the Greek Seleucids in the 3rd-2nd centuries BC, became a major city of the mighty Parthian Empire, Rome’s greatest and most fierce nemesis.


In 116/117, the heavily fortified city of Hatra and her residents resisted a siege by Trajan’s forces during the last campaign of Trajan’s life, his war against the Parthians. This violent and ultimately unsuccessful campaign, including the ill-fated attack on Hatra, will be the focus of Book 4 in the Dominus series.


In 241 AD, Hatra finally succumbed to the king of the Sassasians, Shapur I. This week there are reports that the remains and artifacts of Hatra have been destroyed and/or stolen. Explosions were heard in the area of the site, now under the ‘protection’ of UNESCO. Farewell, Hatra! Your bravery and strength will not be forgotten. 🙁


For more on the current destruction of Hatra and other sites in Iraq & Syria, see


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