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New Finds from Rome and Dominus

An amazing archaeological discovery in Rome was announced today, and I’m so thrilled because it ties into the plotty fun of the Dominus saga! Wow!

Shit, this is brilliant!

The government of Rome has been constructing new subway lines for years, and every year the remains of Roman buildings and other fantastic ancient bits come to light. Surprise!!! Big, important buildings that we never knew were there, or only had vague ideas about their existence.

Italian archaeologists announced they’ve discovered a richly decorated Roman house built during the early second century (probably during Trajan’s reign) next to early second century military barracks discovered in 2016 during construction of the C line. Given the proximity between this newly-discovered stately house and the soldiers’ barracks, they’re suggesting this was a high-ranking Roman officer’s residence and have labeled this new structure the “Commander’s House” or “Centurion’s Headquarters.”

So bloody cool. And now I have more real evidence to play with in my fictional setting of this military zone near the present-day Lateran Basilica. This area on the eastern side of the city was where the camps of the emperor’s cavalry bodyguards or Equites Singulares were supposed to have been located. Who will live in this posh house in the Dominus saga? Not Gaius Fabius; he lives up on the nearby Caelian Hill. Oh, I have ideas! Wicked, fun plans. But first, Book 3.

Words are being scribbled. Another amuse-bouche from Book 3 soon.

JPK ❤️❤️❤️

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