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Roman Tattoos

Happy Weekend, folks. Apologies for the dearth of posts lately, but now I finally have a spot of quiet time to plot and write.

I’ve been spending some of my energies researching ancient Roman tattoos, and it’s damn fascinating. OUCH! Don’t ask why tattoos… I have my wicked reasons as you shall see. 😉

Here’s one neat little web morsel of ‘factoids’ about ancient tattoos I found:

Luc-1 copy

Lucius by Fiona Fu

In other news, I’m hoping to finish Luc and Bryaxis’ sexy Saturnalia silliness in the next couple of weeks. If I make decent progress with the boys this glorious weekend, I’ll post a snippet for you all. Once the draft is done, the short story is off for editing, proofing, and then to Photoshop for cover tweaking. Wish me luck!

Be happy and be well!

JPK ❤️

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