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Sharpen your trowels

If there is one thing archaeologists like to do more than dig, it is debate, often fiercely. And no one debates with more passion than the Greeks. The tomb at Amphipolis is now under re-evaluation. Oh, yeah! 


“Katerina Peristeri, the chief archaeologist of Amphipolis, has not presented any evidence that the tomb belongs to the 4th c. BC. Instead, she attacked in the media Olga Palagia, who presented a plausible case of dating the tomb in the Roman period, based on the existing finds. Since the excavation became food for the media, I would suggest that they make public ALL of their evidence, so that the debate can start. Until then, I will consider the tomb Roman.” Constantina Katsari 

So, after fishing around for published opinions (newspapers and internet), I see that we may have a possibly ROMAN tomb from the late Republic. Perhaps there will be human remains. This is gonna be good, folks. *grabs popcorn and ouzo*

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