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Surprise Tuesday Snippet


As I get achingly close to wrapping up this last novel in the series, I've found a wee morsel without spoilers from Favorites of Fortuna (Dominus Book 4) to share with you.

~100 words, unedited and subject to change.


With his cloak’s hood pulled up over his newly-clipped auburn curls, Gaius sat alone in the shadows at a table at the far back of Scrofa’s dockside establishment and sipped lukewarm ale from a dented tin cup while he stared at the door. He’d been waiting for almost an hour, but still no sign of him. Shit, he’d waited over three months already. What were a few hours more?

As he scanned the clientele, Gaius realized he knew very few of these men by sight. Most in the crowd appeared to be merchants or perhaps sailors or dock laborers. For fuck’s sake, he couldn’t name a single army veteran in the entire room. Gaius Fabius’s Rome was disappearing.



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