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The Capitoline Hill and a Gold Coin


At the beginning of Games of Rome, Gaius has already climbed the steep slopes of the Captoline Hill to offer sacrifices and make a vow of revenge to Jupiter Optimus Maximus (Jupiter the Best and Greatest). Here’s a nicely-written, lengthy article on the significance of the Capitoline Hill in the history and planning (lack thereof) of ancient Rome. And Tacitus gets a mention. 😀


In other news, I think I’ve figured out a spectacular way to incorporate the gold coin (aureus) minted by Trajan (our most esteemed Marcus) that was found by a hiker in Israel into the Dominus saga. Look for the shiny and extremely rare aureus in Book 5! Here’s an article on this recent coin discovery: When this coin goes up for auction, they estimate it should fetch about 5 million flipping dollars. Whoa!


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