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The Trophy of Marius… or rather, Domitian.


“This panoply of war trophies was misidentified during the Renaissance as “Trophei di Mario” (Trophies of Marius), referring to Gaius Marius (157-86 BC). The Roman General and Consul (elected Consul an unprecedented 7 times) was considered the third founder of Rome due to his defeat of the invading Germanic Cimbri and Teutonic tribes. He was popular for hundreds of years after his death. The panoply is actually from the time of Domitian, and represents trophies from his battles against the Dacian King Decebalus in 85 AD and his return after the loss of the 5th Legion’s battle standard in 86 through 88 AD. The war was eventually put on hold with a treaty and tribute while troops were built up, until finally Trajan completed the job during his renowned Dacian War campaigns of 101-102 and 105-106 AD (during which Trajan seized the Dacian gold and silver mines, and treasure ($474.3 million silver and $10.55 billion gold) improving the Roman economy tremendously).”


JP adds: The amount of wealth brought back to Rome as a result of Trajan’s Dacian Wars was extraordinary. But did Trajan find all the gold? 

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