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Another morsel

Oh, how I love crafting a new character to play in Dominus land. Lusius Quietus might be just a bit too much fun.


“You kept me waiting, Berber.”

“She was worth it.” Lusius winked. “Time would have flown by much faster if you’d joined us. But I see your wife has you on a long leash.”

Gaius scrunched his brow and chuckled. “My wife? Apologies for ruining your fantasies of marital bliss, but my dear wife doesn’t give a damn what I fuck as long as I leave her alone.”

Lusius laughed and downed half his cup. He belched and said, “You bedded her long enough to plant your seed and produce an heir. You’ve achieved immortality, Commander Fabius.” An uncharacteristic veil of sadness washed over Lusius’s face. “Gods, I don’t want to die alone. I need a damn wife, Gaius.”


And look who just showed up at Scrofa’s tavern! Back into the grotto I go.

BTW – Lusius Quietus is a real historical figure.

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