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Audio of Favorites of Fortuna is Here!

Greetings, all.

The 17+ hour audiobook of Favorites of Fortuna has been approved and is now for sale on Audible! Once again, Hannibal and Nick have offered us extraordinary, emotional performances. Here's the direct link:

I have review codes for those of you who left a review on Audible for Blood Before Wine (Book 3). Just send me an email with a link to your review and I'll send you a US or UK code for a FREE copy of the FoF audiobook. My email is

And be sure to sign up for our newsletter (link to sign up is on our main web page) -- in the January newsletter, you'll not only get a FREE extra scene from FoF featuring Gaius and Titus, but we'll have a giveaway with LOTS of opportunities to receive an Audible code of a Dominus novel, including Favorites of Fortuna. As always, you don't need a subscription to Audible to redeem your unique code and listen to this last audiobook of the Dominus series.

Io, Saturnalia!


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