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Dominus Box Set

Happy April, everyone!

Since the main novels in the Dominus series are finished, we've put together a gorgeous box set of all 4 book plus the Calendar Series novella, February and December. Over 500K delicious, naughty words!!! The eBook box set is available for preorder now. It's at a discounted price ($8.99) while it's on preorder; once the box set goes live on April 21, the price will go up to $9.99.

Blurb: Includes all four novels in JP Kenwood's Dominus Series: Dominus (1), Games of Rome (2), Blood Before Wine (3), and Favorites of Fortuna (4). It also includes the Dominus novella, February and December. Dominus is a plot-packed, high heat, high angst MM historical fantasy saga that transports readers back to ancient Rome. These four books follow the unlikely love story of two main characters and lifelong enemies: Gaius Fabius Rufus, a bisexual Roman general and candidate for the imperial throne, and Allerix, a gay Dacian royal prince captured and enslaved at the end of the Second Dacian War. This alternate history LGBT series is a tumultuous journey filled with forbidden love, humor, sex, friendship, political intrigue, family dynamics, deception and murder. The bonus prequel novella features characters from the main series. All words and art and performances have been created by highly original and uniquely fabulous humans.

Click here to grab the preorder price:

Is this the end of Gaius and Allerix's story? No, there will be more. Whenever I finish a big tale, I find I write short stories as a way of saying farewell to the characters. And our lads have another adventure coming! Stay tuned...

We'll also be releasing the audiobooks as a boxset!!! Over 60 hours of brilliant narration. I'll have Audible codes for the audio box set that 'll be giving away in the next newsletter. Be sure to sign up for our marvelous but infrequent newsletter to enter the audio code giveaway. Sign up buttons to subscribe to our newsletter are on the main blog page.

In other news, I'll be sharing a new and very filthy short story featuring young Gaius and Lucius soon. It'll be published through Smashwords. Details to follow. And I'm plugging away at Charlie's art theft mystery romance novel. As always, thanks for your patience.


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