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Favorites of Fortuna amuse-bouche

A wee morsel from final Book 4. Unedited and subject to change. No spoilers.

~175 words. Gaius’s POV.


“You called for me, Dominus,” the floppy-haired lad mumbled from the doorway before stepping down to the floor of Gaius’s palatial brick stables. The light whisper of boyhood freckles that once had peppered his cheeks were now gone, and his hair had lost its sun-kissed glow.

“Simon! Yes, come here.” Gaius curled his pointer finger and smiled. He didn’t want to frighten the slave; this was supposed to be a happy occasion. When Simon bent his knees in preparation for yet another awkward genuflection, Gaius rushed forward and cupped his face. “Stand up straight, Simon, son of Theodorus. The senior secretary of the Lion of the Lucky Fourth does not kneel.”

A bright flush reddened Simon’s face. “Sir?”

“How old are you now? Twenty-three years?”

Simon gulped. “Twenty-four, Dominus.”

“Twenty-fucking-four already?” Gaius gently caressed Simon’s cheek with the back of his hand, remembering the steamy, satisfying nights he’d shared with the sultry, slutty boy before Allerix had stolen his desire and his heart. Gaius adored Simon back then. He still did, but in a different way.



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