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Holiday Cards and More!

It's getting close to the holiday season so here's a few updates and our holiday card sign up sheet...

FIRST, the audiobook of Favorites of Fortuna is more than a quarter finished. Once again, the amazing Hannibal Hills and Nick J. Russo are offering stellar performances. This last audiobook of the Dominus series should be over 18 hours of listening entertainment. I will have FREE review Audible US & UK codes for listeners who have left a review on Audible or Amazon for Blood Before Wine. More details on how to request a code once the final files are uploaded to ACX.

SECOND, I have three more copies of the alternate paperback version of Favorites of Fortuna with new swag in the web store for US shipping only. Once these are gone, I won't restock the shop until after the New Year.

Want a chance to win a free copy of the alternate paperback? Join our cozy Facebook group where we have Fab Friday Giveaway contests nearly every week. And once the audiobook is out, we'll have a grand FB party with tons of nifty and unique Dominus prizes!

THIRD, I will be sending out the next newsletter AFTER the audiobook releases. In this next newsletter, I'll include a fun but deleted scene from Favorites of Fortuna featuring Gaius and Titus and the cult of Mithras. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter now so you don't miss this 3K word, newsletter-exclusive story.

FOURTH, the FREE holiday Saturnalia card with a pressie sign up form is ready. Find it here: Quantities are limited and the form closes on December 5th so sign up now. Open to all. This will be our last set of Dominus Saturnalia cards.

Happy November!


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