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Map for Blood Before Wine

As we did for Games of Rome, Catherine Dair has designed an original map to accompany the latest adventures in Book 3. I’ll be sharing a few of the amazing details as we get the paperback ready for release. Here’s one of the scene vignettes from the Blood Before Wine map!

The Haunted Woods, Dacia

And I’ll be adding the full color map to the eBook version of Games of Rome.  I’ll announce when it’s ready and the update button on your Kindle app/device is available. Here’s a reminder of Catherine’s bespoke map of Rome for Games of Rome.

Map full color version sm

When the 3 books of the Dominus series finish their 90-day Amazon lock up, I’ll be releasing them on more platforms in more eBook formats. Paperback of Blood Before Wine coming very soon! 😀


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