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Musings on Book 3

Now that wee volume I of the Calendar Series has flown out the door and is soaring through the sky (but still yearns for your review love – wink, wink), it’s finally time to start Book 3. What’s in store for our lads in the third installment of this five book epic love story?

I’m not going to sugarcoat this… Book 3 will be the darkest of the Dominus series, and the ending will rip your hearts out so have boxes of tissues ready. But not to worry. The final glorious ‘THE END’ to this saga will be well worth the pain and heartache. 😀

In Book 3, Gaius becomes more frustrated and angry and violent. People die. Babies are born. Some schemes succeed while other plans fail. Through it all, the fierce passion and mutual respect shared by our Roman general and our Dacian prince continue to grow.


And we’ll leave Italy and travel to Dacia, where Allerix searches for his surviving kin while questioning his identity in a cruel, war-torn world. And there are spooky forests and dark wolves and sinister ghosts. And the lunacy.

Book 3 focuses on the improbable but inevitable love story of Gaius and Allerix, and I can’t fricking wait! \o/

Stay tuned for the first draft chapter… and the book title. And soon Fiona, Molly, June, and I will begin crafting ideas for the cover.

JPK ❤️❤️❤️

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