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New, bespoke Dominus Art for Saturnalia!

The Women of Dominus!

Marcia Servilia, Melissa, Euphronia, Memmia Cornelia, Delia, and Callidora. 

Want your own 8X10 glossy, high resolution print of this stunning bespoke portrait of our favorite gals? Just give a wee bit to charity.  Here’s how:

This incredible group portrait was created by Catherine Dair. Our dearest Catherine has donated her MANY hours drawing and coloring this amazing print. I will donate all printing and photo mailing costs (including International mailing). To get your own 8X10″ glossy color print, just donate $10 (or more) to your favorite charity. Email me the proof/screenshot of your charity donation to with your mailing address, and the ladies will be on their way to you after the New Year. That’s it!

Io, Saturnalia!

JPK xo

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