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New Chibis

At yesterday’s fab and fun Facebook party in our readers group, I unveiled our new Dominus character chibis. And here they are — LUCIUS & BRYAXIS! Created by the talented Jen Fowler. The details are amazing: the Greek vase, the Roman blue glass cup, Bry’s snake armlet, the silver mirror…

JP Small LUC & BRY CHIBIS-3 copy

When the Dominus saga is finished, our dear Luc and Bry will get their own prequel standalone book, a Roman legal mystery romance. I’ve always wanted to learn more about Roman law, and I definitely want to revisit these two loves and their happier early days.

I have a few vinyl stickers of Luc & Bry left to mail to fans for FREE! Here’s the link to the request form:

If you’d like your own Luc & Bry sticker, sign up now; they’re going fast. Available as long as supplies last.

JPK xo

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