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New Sunday Snippet

A morsel from final Book 4. Unedited and subject to change.

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Gaius pulled Titus towards the shadows of the portal. “I built this splendid complex on land I received as part of my wife’s dowry and I chose this precise spot for its construction because there’s a natural spring right over there for libations and purification.”

“The Unconquered Sun must be pleased.”

“I certainly fucking hope so. It cost me a bloody fortune. If you find the exterior impressive, wait until we enter the sacred hall. The frescoes are temporary until the marble panels I commissioned last winter arrive from Rome.”

“I confess I’m a bit anxious, Commander Fabius,” Titus whispered as they drew closer to the brick stairs leading down to the hidden chapel. “I mean—I’ve waited years for this opportunity and I’m excited to join the brotherhood and so grateful for your sponsorship, but…”

“Calm down, Petronius. We don’t chop your balls off like the priests of the Great Mother’s consort.”



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