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News in Dominus land

Heads up for longish post.

First, the not great news…

Unexpectedly, Fiona Fu had to leave the project. I completely understand her reasons for doing so (mainly, a new demanding RL job). We’ve known and worked with each other for years and and we will always remain close friends. This does mean an unforeseen delay in the publishing of Book 3. I was planning on having it ready (in at least eBook form) for the EuroPride Convention in Amsterdam at the end of June. Alas, this will not happen.

But, we have super great news too… We have a new cover artist!

Our new cover artist for Book 3 is the amazing Lehanan Aida. Not only is Lehanan’s work superb, but she’s also the creator of the gorgeous Arena graphic novel series which features Roman lads! If you’d like to check out her work, here’s the link to the Arena FB page:

Due to other commissions and work commitments, Lehanan can’t start the cover of Book 3 until the Fall of 2018. Fingers and toes and everything crossed, Book 3 with a stunning cover by Lehanan Aida featuring Gaius and Allerix will be out before Xmas 2018! That is the new plan.

It truly breaks my heart to have to make you folks wait yet again for this book. I so much appreciate your support and especially your patience. The book itself will be done much sooner than the cover, so I will continue to share spoiler-free snippets and hopefully another volume of the Calendar Series… I’m dying to finish the ‘early days’ love story of Max and Nicomedes. I have a breathtaking photo all ready for the cover too.

In other news… For anyone in this FB group attending the EuroPride Con in Amsterdam, I will be shipping a small # of paperbacks of Dominus (Book 1) and Games of Rome (Book 2) to the conference hotel as well as some new, fabulous Dominus trinkets for readers. I’ll post an order form very soon so I can be sure to set aside paperback books and trinkets for you in Amsterdam. I plan to open up a wee online merchandise store sometime soon so everyone can purchase Dominus goodies for a low cost. Let me know if you’d be interested in stickers, key chains, whatever. I’ll reveal the new designs when they are finalized. This new fun artwork of Gaius & Allerix is so flipping cute!!!

I hope everyone enjoys the “A Potent Distraction” short story. Penning that wicked freebie certainly lubed up my writing fingers! LOL!

Much love to you all.



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