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Newsletter and Blog Post Notifications

Our newsletter will be going out this weekend. \o/

It will include a generous giveaway for audio codes for the spectacular audiobook of Favorites of Fortuna... AND a link to 3K-word BONUS SCENE featuring the Roman cult of Mithras from Favorites of Fortuna!!! I had so much fun writing this scene and did a ton of research for the details, but it was (correctly) deleted from the final book because, well... the book was long enough already and this scene really didn't add enough to the overall plotty fun. The bonus scene features Titus Petronius and Gaius being Gaius.

I only mail the newsletter to subscribers once, so if you want these goodies and haven't subscribed yet, SIGN UP NOW!!

Link to sign up for newsletter:

In 2023, I'll be using my website blog A LOT MORE than I do social media. Updates on my projects and other fun news.

You can now sign up for email notifications when I make a blog post on my author website. This will avoid the tedious task of checking my website for new posts. There's a button at the top of the main blog page to the far right that says Log In/Sign Up. Just sign up and you're good to go. Whenever I post a new blog entry, you'll receive an email.

Link to the main blog page:


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