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Random Scene Morsel

Happy HOT Saturday!

I posted this M/m/m scene, “Prelude to an Orgy” over in the Dominus Playroom Facebook group. I can’t remember if I’ve posted the original version from way back when here on the blog, but here you go. It’s slightly revised. Not sure if this steamy three-way scene will make it into the novels, but it was much fun to write. I will finish it at some point.




Through the smoke clouding the air of his host’s lavishly decorated entertainment hall, Gaius spied Allerix and a lithesome blond sprawled across a pile of cushions on the marble floor in the center of the room. Although the pipe music was too loud to discern any of the slaves’ conversation, Gaius didn’t need to hear a word.

A slow, flirtatious bat of Alle’s impossibly long black eyelashes.

A sweet, submissive smile from the blond offered in return.

Alle took a sip of wine and laughed. His near naked companion must have said something humorous. Normally, pleasure slaves weren’t allowed to imbibe grape at these sorts of affairs. Like Gaius, his host this evening was inclined towards indulgence with his bed warmers.

The two pleasure slaves were a study in contrasts: the smooth-skinned bronzed Ganymede lounging beside his dark-haired, furry Dacian dressed in a short, sheer blue tunic belted with a white sash.

The complement was sublime. Mouth-watering. Gaius wanted them—both of them.

He turned to his portly dinner companion. “Who owns that beauty over there?”

“Which one, my esteemed Commander Fabius? There are so many delectable fauns to delight the eyes tonight.”

“The slender blond reclining beside my raven-haired lad.”

“Ah, that one is mine. They do seem to be enjoying each other’s company, don’t they?”

“Yes, they are deliciously comfortable with each other.” A lustful smile slowly crept across Gaius’s face, revealing the shadows of his dimples. “What’s the lad’s name?”

“His name is Lagos.”

“Lagos?” Gaius chuckled before gnawing on his lower lip. “Is your pretty hare timid?”

“Lagos is far from timid, and he’s most obedient. Would you care to savor him yourself, Commander?”

“You are magnanimous, my dear Megareus.” Gaius glanced over at the two again. Laughing softly, Allerix seductively brushed the blond’s wine-stained lips with the side of his thumb. Lagos leaned into Alle’s caress and closed his eyes. Gaius’s smile broadened. “Have Lagos thoroughly washed and sent to my guest chamber.”

Megareus signaled for his slave’s attention with a curl of his pointer finger. “Can I trust you’ll return the lad to me in good condition, sir?”

“We’ll leave no permanent marks, I assure you.”

Bewildered, Megareus stared at Gaius longer than was appropriate until Gaius whispered in his ear. “My favorite is of lusty barbarian stock. I’m confident he’d relish sharing a luscious spit roasted hare with me.”


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