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Random story snippet

Just a taste of something I’m playing with at the moment.

This scene takes place after Chapter 25 in Blood Before Wine (Dominus Book 3). If you’d like to read the rest of this wee, smutty Gaius & Allerix tale, be sure you’re signed up for our newsletter:

~200 words. Unedited. No spoilers.


108 AD, late June Gaius Fabius’s mansion on the Caelian Hill, Rome

He stormed through the vestibule to the atrium and into the arms of two domestic servants who deftly unwrapped his voluminous toga. Once he was free from the suffocating wool garb, Gaius stretched his arms and cracked his knuckles before accepting the cup of red wine in Max’s outstretched hand.

“By fucking Jove, I was convinced that Senate tribunal would never end. Extortion cases are the worst, Maximus. The injured parties demand this or that unreasonable recompense, and our dear bloviating Pliny never knows when to quiet his tongue despite the fact he’d already won the damn case.” Gaius inhaled a long, quenching swallow and smacked his lips. “Where’s Alexandros?”

“I’m not sure, Commander.” Max glanced around, his confusion slowly darkening to concern. “I—I haven’t seen him for a while.”

“We begin our sailing adventure in just a few days. You didn’t allow him to escape right before our ships arrived, did you?” Gaius half-joked as his jaw tightened.

“No, sir. He’s here, I swear—somewhere.”

After his estate guards had reassured him that no one had left the mansion’s walled grounds, Gaius rushed to his master chamber suite while Max trotted off to search the kitchen quarters. 



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