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Greetings, all.

The release date for the eBook and paperback of final book 4, Favorites of Fortuna, is September 15, 2022. I'm not doing preorders since many an author has had their release day wrecked by Amazon's sloppy preorder system.

Once it's released, the ebook and paperback versions will be available simultaneously through Amazon and on my website Payhip store.

I'll also be offering the eBook and paperback versions with the alternate, sexier cover here on my website, as well as signed paperbacks with a bit of new Book 4 swag. The alternate cover will not be for sale on Amazon.

After about 3 weeks or so after the official release date, I'll enroll the eBook into Kindle Unlimited for all our Amazon KU readers and the eBook will no longer be fore sale on my website. The book will also be sent to our French translators, Juno Publishing, as soon as the file is ready. We do not know the release date for the French translation yet.

The audiobook featuring Hannibal Hills and Nick J Russo will be in production very soon and should be available this autumn not long after the eBook releases. And it'll be a long audiobook since the word count is roughly 135,000 words for this final novel in the unlikely love story of Gaius and Allerix.

Once the audiobook releases, we'll have a big celebration with gobs of giveaway prizes in our private Facebook group, Dominus Playroom. All are welcome to join the party. The link is on the main page of this website. Just answer the two simple questions for entry to the FB group.

Happy Sunday!


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