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Release Event On Facebook

Greetings, folks!

The French translation of Favorites of Fortuna will be released in a little over a month (Nov. 16) by Juno Publishing. As I see over on Instagram, our French readers are super excited to finally devour the end of the main novel series.

In order to get geared up for the release, I'm going to do a RE-READ of FoF!!!

It's been a while since I read it, but I've chosen to listen to the audio instead of reading the text. I bloody adore Hannibal and Nick's audio of this epic book. And it's a great opportunity for me to refresh my old brain for the continuation of the story in the forthcoming novella.

As I listen to the final Dominus novel, I'll be posting my thoughts on the story: inspirations, emotions, research tidbits, etc. I'm going to do these posts over in the Dominus Spoilers Allowed Chat Group on FB:

If you've read the whole series, please feel free to join the Spoilers Allowed group.

And if you want an Audible code for a free copy of the audiobook of FoF, just send me an email: I have a few US & UK codes left and would love to share them with you folks. Let's listen together!

I'll be starting my posts on the creation of and reactions to FoF on Monday (10/16), gods willing. I hope you'll join me. And the Fab Friday Giveaways will return to the main Dominus FB group with copies of the alternative cover paperback of FoF up for grabs. \o/ If you're not a member of our cozy, private, drama-free FB group yet, here's the link to join:


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