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Saturday Snippet

Since we’re doing a character takeover tomorrow, let’s have a snippet today!

Reminder: Both Gaius and Allerix (gods help me) will be LIVE tomorrow, Sunday, September 23rd from 8-9 pm EDT to answer your questions! Please come join the event on Facebook hosted by Maddox’s Saloon:

And now for an unedited, subject to change morsel from Book 3 featuring Gaius, Alle, Max, and Marcia!!! Allerix’s POV.


As they lounged in the cool water, splashing each other and laughing with postcoital giddiness, she marched over with Max accompanied by a household slave carrying a short stack of bath cloaks.

“I hadn’t anticipated you’d fornicate in my fountain, Dominus.” She snatched a white cloth from her servant and threw it at Gaius’s head. It slipped down his face and slid into the water, floating on the surface like scum on a pond.

Gaius leaned back with one knee propped upright, supporting himself with his palms pressed against the colorful bottom of the fountain basin. “Greetings, Domina. Did you enjoy the show?”

“I fear you’ve shocked the entire household with your lewd spectacle. Everyone appears to have disappeared.”

“They’ve just run off to dark corners to rub their tingly bits together.”

Allerix faked a yawn to smother a snicker while he slid deeper under the water.

“This is my ancestral estate, Gaius. We are but a stone’s throw from our virgin Diana’s most ancient and sacred sanctuary. Your public, carnal performance was impious and most unwelcome,” Marcia snapped before gesturing for Max to bring a cloak over to Alle. As Max held the garment open, Allerix stepped out of the fountain and into the hug of a warm, freshly laundered cloth.

When Alle opened his mouth to apologize or say something to make the entire situation less awkward, she shook her head and raised her finger. “I did not ask a question, Alexandros. Just stand there, be quiet, and look pretty, dear.”


JPK ❤️❤️❤️

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