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Sunday amuse-bouche

Since the posting of full draft chapters from Book 3 has now ended, I’ll share little, spoiler-free morsels of scenes from later chapters. 😀

Gaius’s POV. ~500 unedited words.


With a long satisfied groan, Gaius lifted his hips and withdrew, rolling off the exquisite body trembling beneath him to lie flat on his back. Scratching his sweaty scalp, Gaius glanced across the mattress at Allerix, his captive princeling. Or was he Alexandros, an enthusiastic, tireless pleasure slave? Neither mattered in the end. Whichever name Gaius chose to use, his beautiful royal faun would always remain a forbidden spoil of war.

Gaius stretched his arms above his head and groaned again, louder. Gods, treason tasted especially delicious after a languid morning of delirious love fucking.

Resting on his stomach, his Dacian trophy gradually lifted his heavy eyelids and blinked twice before smiling. At that moment on this crisp, sunny mid-December day, Alle’s satiated eyes appeared browner in color than green or blue. The young warrior’s ever-changing irises wielded a rare magic Gaius didn’t need to understand, only worship.

Snickering, Alle mumbled, “Good morning, Dominus.”

Gaius raised one hand and softly slapped Allerix’s reddened arse cheek. “Greetings, my dear Allerix. But I fear the early hours have surrendered to the sun’s zenith. By Mercury’s snake-coiled staff, I’m fucking famished. Guard!”

One of the sentries stationed outside the door to Gaius’s master chamber dashed through the vestibule and bowed. “Yes, Commander.”

“Tell my steward to send generous platters of … “ Gaius turned to Alle. “What would you prefer for the midday meal, Alexandros?”

Allerix shrugged. “Every dish Euphronia cooks is scrumptious, sir.”

“True. We’ll have whatever our divine kitchen goddess has prepared. And more wine.”

After the guard left, Alle shuffled closer and snuggled into Gaius’s embrace, draping his arm over Gaius’s naked chest. They lay together silent for a while, listening to the doves cooing outside and the slowing rhythm of their synchronized breaths. Time froze.

If only they could remain here forever floating on this luxurious bed, safe from life’s noisome obligations. From reality. From the Emperor.

Sheltered from both the shame of the past and the uncertainties of future.

Allerix broke the quiet with a whisper against Gaius’s skin. “After yesterday’s lessons in your grandmother’s gardens, you’ve nearly mastered the falx, sir.”

“I’m fortunate to have an accomplished teacher.” Gaius combed his fingers through Alle’s tangle of damp, dark locks. “You, however, require quite a few more sling lessons before you’ll be able to hit… fucking anything.”

Grinning, Allerix protested, “You must admit my final shots struck the wall close to the niche.”

“Close won’t catch a meal for a lad lost in the forests.”

“I’m never lost in woods, sir. At least not in forests I know.”

Gaius kissed Alle’s temple before throwing off the last of the bed linens. “We have a brutal day ahead of us without any cover of a forest to shield us, unless you count as trees the soaring marble columns of the palace banquet hall. Let’s wash off the sticky libations from our morning frolics before the food arrives.”



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