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Sunday snippet

By Cupid’s poisoned arrow, this draft chapter has turned into one long, luscious erotic love scene. I’ll keep writing into the night, but here’s a wee teaser. Full draft chapter soon, hopefully tomorrow. 😀


Gaius took the cup from Alle’s hand and swallowed a gulp before setting it back down on the table. He pulled Allerix on top of him, wrapping his arms around his waist and stared up into his colorful, heavy-lidded eyes. “Did you enjoy our time at the circus, Alle?”

“Very much, sir. Can we go back to watch more races?”

“Some day,” Gaius mumbled against Allerix’s skin, tracing his tongue over the bump of the lad’s larynx. “Soon.”

When Gaius kissed a path down Alle’s neck to his chest, licking and nibbling one nipple until it was hard before devouring the other, Allerix pushed up on his hands and knees, offering himself to Gaius’s mouth. Wriggling his arse down the fur-covered mattress towards the foot of the bed, Gaius brushed his lips over Alle’s stomach. Then the curves of his narrow hips and into the hollows, tickling that highly sensitive skin until Allerix chuckled through a gasp. After one long, light stroke of his tongue up the length of Alle’s aroused cock, Gaius rose up on one elbow and pushed Allerix onto his back. Unable to hide his smirk, Gaius reached for the cup of slushy wine.

Alle grabbed the bed’s frame with both hands, and Gaius couldn’t help but laugh. “You’ve guessed what I’m about to do, haven’t you?”

Allerix spread his thighs farther apart and confessed between heavy breaths, “Perhaps. You’re difficult to predict.”


JPK xoxo

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