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Sunday snippet

It worked! Writing that prequel scene at the markets of Neapolis for the M/M historical fiction sale forced our dear, stubborn Gaius to talk to me again. Gorgeous nit. 😀

Here’s a short snippet from the next scene (follows THIS one) — remember those alternating POVs in a lad-loving scene that our wonderful FB group voted for? From Book 3. Unedited and subject to change. No spoilers for Book 3.

Gaius’s POV.


After a moment’s hesitation, a much shorter moment than Gaius had expected, the lad began to stroke his cock. Slowly. Aware that he was being watched. Fighting off the embarrassment.

Then stroking faster.

Allerix’s dark prick hardened against his alabaster abdomen, releasing a pearl of translucent juice that smeared across his skin. Gone was the lad’s golden tan from a summer working under the Campanian sun. Gaius studied Alle’s torso and his long, lightly muscled arms, increasingly certain that he preferred Alle’s body like this—pale as white Greek marble. By treacherous Aphrodite, his northern prince fucking glowed like some ethereal vision against the backdrop of animal pelts and embellished bedcovers.

Gaius ambled over to the side table and lifted the lid from the carved box filled with straw and his surprise. When he jammed a silver cup into the pile to scoop up the expensive frozen treat, Allerix paused his lusty pecker pulling and, with his eyes still closed, cocked his head as if he recognized the sound but couldn’t quite place it. Not exactly.


Have a glorious holiday season! I shall continue on with this scene… Wowzer.

JPK ❤️❤️❤️

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