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Sunday Snippet!

A tiny excerpt of the short, smutty story I’ll be releasing next week, gods willing.

Remember that in order to get your FREE epub or mobi copy of this wee, wicked tale set in the Dominus universe, you must sign up for my new newsletter. I’ll be communicating with my readers through this bi-monthly newsletter with exclusive excerpts, special offers, and more. At the end of July, I’ll upload this story to Amazon for .99 cents/pence/euros and make it available through Kindle Unlimited.

To sign up for the Dominus newsletter, here’s the direct link:

And now, a morsel from A Potent Distraction. This bit features Gaius and Titus Petronius.



“Who’s our host for this welcome stay in Philippopolis, Commander?”

“A minor associate of mine, Flavius Megareus. He owns an estate on the edge of town. He’s a horse dealer, as you’ll soon see. A flabby and verbose provincial twat, as I recall, but our cloddish host has always understood how to memorably entertain important guests. We’ll spend a few days of respite at Megareus’ agreeable villa, quarter the auxiliary soldiers in tents on one of his manicured fields, and drown ourselves in delicious debauchery.”

Titus raised an eyebrow at the last word, but said nothing. Prim and proper Titus Petronius didn’t own sex slaves or empty his lust into whores’ holes, not even on fucking campaign. One truth was certain: his thirty-four-year-old, uxorious comrade had never once indulged in an orgiastic party.

But all that would change. Their host—the paunchy Thracian horse dealer, Megareus—boasted a well-deserved reputation for throwing lavish feasts with exotic delicacies and erotic performances by strapping fauns and compliant nymphs. Gaius faintly remembered one bash where he’d abandoned himself to the man’s intoxicating offerings only to wake up on the floor with a pair of empty balls, a chafed cock, and a trio of disrobed, satiated birds draped over his arms and legs.


JPK xoxo

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