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Sunday snippet

A wee morsel from draft Chapter Six from Book 3. Unedited and subject to change.

It’s a busy holiday week here, but I hope to have the full draft chapter posted for you all very soon. The first Gaius & Allerix love scene of Book 3. 😀


“Why are you laughing?”

Gaius’s stern scowl only caused Allerix to laugh harder. Finally he caught his breath long enough to explain, “Because I’ve never ordered anyone around, except my little sister.”


The painful reality he’d just admitted hit Alle hard in the gut, suffocating the last of his nervous giggles.

He took another sip of wine and shut his eyes.

It was true. He’d never commanded anyone. Allerix was a second son, a prince with no power. Shithead Tarbus had always been the favorite in their father’s eyes. His cruel half-brother, the vicious warrior. The heir to their family’s scrawny, insignificant kingdom. Even if Dacia had won the wars against Rome, Alle would never have worn his father’s crown. No matter how hard he fought, no matter how skillfully he wielded a blade, he would always be a cocksucking deviant. The perverted princeling who fancied boys instead of girls. Unworthy of royal tattoos.

An unnatural abomination.


Happy Fourth to all who celebrate! JPK  🎆🎇🎆

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