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Sunday Snippet

I’d hoped to have the draft chapter finished for you, but real life, work, blah, blah… So here’s the last snippet before I post draft Chapter 4 in its entirety. Summer’s almost here! Planning to speed up the writing and post stuff more quickly. 😀


They passed through a large doorway, leaving behind the sunlight and fresh air of the central square; the stench of the prison assaulted Allerix’s nostrils. He gagged and covered his mouth with his fist, praying he’d get through whatever this turned out to be without vomiting.

“Have some water, Alexandros,” Gaius insisted, handing him his metal canteen. “Sulpicius, is there a room I can use as a temporary office?”

“Yes, Commander. Right over here. So you’re aware, the barbarians are chained to the floor behind this wall,” Sulpicius replied as he rapped his knuckles against the grey stones. Alle’s gut churned at the fucker’s casual tone, and his head throbbed inside his skull.

Who was behind that wall?

Who had survived?

Alle reached out to touch the solid barrier between him and his countrymen when his fingers withdrew, as if of their own will.

If the Roman ordered him to stand in front of his comrades and identify Brassus, he would find out soon enough who’d been captured. Which Dacian noblemen Allerix, second son of King Thiamarkos, would need to betray.


Happy Mother’s Day to all who celebrate!



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