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Sunday snippet

A wee bit more from Chapter 4. Unedited and subject to change. Full draft chapter coming soon. 😀


Sulpicius glanced over Gaius’s shoulder and stared at Alle still astride his mule.

“Is the lad your slave, sir?”

“Yes, Alexandros is my personal slave and secretary. He’s accompanying me today because his mastery of the Dacian language is far better than mine.” Gaius turned and gestured to the ground. “Drop down from that beast, Alle. We’ll leave the animals with the portal watchmen. Have we permission to enter the Guard camps, Tribune?”

After learning Alle knew Dacian, the Praetorian raised his brows and eyed him suspiciously. Gaius cleared his throat; Sulpicius quickly collected himself and answered with a swallow, “Yes, Commander. Yes, of course.”

No further questions.

Respectful obedience.

One of the Roman’s agents?

“Do you understand the purpose of my visit, Tribune?”

“To review the Dacian captives for potential recruits to—”

Gaius raised his pointer finger to hush him. “Good, you understand. Escort us to whatever you’re using for a prison these days, my dear Tribune Sulpicius.”



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