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Sunday snippet

From Book 3, unedited and subject to change. Allerix’s POV.

Soon, my beloved readers… soon! 😀


“You’ve put a document on the wrong fucking pile again, Dacian,” Bryaxis groused as he reached his long arm across the large worktable covered in unwound scrolls. He snatched the misfiled sheet of papyrus and slammed it down on the stack of correspondence to Allerix’s left. “Pay attention, lad! Petitions from soldiers within the camp get sorted separately.”

“Yes, sir.”

With a sigh, Bryaxis rested his palms on the wooden surface and arched a brow. “I’ve told you this twice already. I’m a fucking slave, and a pathetic, gelded eunuch at that. As Fabius’s official cosseted concubine, you outrank me. Don’t call me sir anymore.”

“Apologies, Bry. I’ll do better.”

Bryaxis waved Alle’s apology off before grabbing his cup of water. “You’re distracted, Alexandros. No surprise given that we’re in bloody Dacia. It’s sort of spooky here, you know. I heard bizarre noises last night. Are there wolves in these mountains?”

“Yes, lots of them. And deer and boar and bears. Gigantic, monster black bears with huge yellow teeth.” Allerix curled his fingers and growled.

Bry chuckled nervously. “Remind me not to go wandering beyond the fort’s walls.”




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