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Sunday snippet

A short, slightly spoilery bit from Book 3. We’re getting so close! Unedited and subject to change. Allerix’s POV. A character from Book 1 reappears, poor sod.


“Relieve our legionary friend of his weapons, Varius.”

While patting down the terrified arsehole from his shoulders to his ankles, the scar-faced centurion discovered two daggers strapped to the man’s body and removed them. “He was well-armed, Commander.”

“To be fair, even for a skilled soldier like our comrade here, Rome can be a dangerous place. Inebriated brutes with nefarious intentions lurk in darkened tavern doorways all over this damn city, don’t they?”

Gaius’s gang of rod-carrying bodyguard attendants moved closer, encircling the bald monster until Gaius raised his hand. “Today’s a celebration! There’ll be no squabbling in the street on this joyous occasion.”

After an assistant removed his bulky formal toga to reveal his closer-fitting, embroidered belted tunic beneath, Gaius marched over and wrapped his arm around the prat’s shoulders. “My dearest Macro. You remained in the capital exactly as I ordered you to do. I’ve been meaning to visit you up on the Aventine for some time, and now here you are. Thanks to Fortuna, our reunion is no longer delayed. You and I are going to your home—”

“Now?” Macro interrupted.

“Yes, now. And we’ll share whatever shitty wine you have to spare and discuss how you will reimburse me for your multiple assaults on my fucking property.”

Macro jerked his head around like a panicked, plucked chicken searching for a way to escape; Gaius grabbed his collar and shook him back to attention. “Do you understand my orders, soldier?”


Happy Sunday! JPK xoxo

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