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Sunday snippet

A delicious tease featuring Gaius and Allerix from Book 3. 

As a refresher, my old post about the falx:

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Happy sunny Sunday!

JPK xoxo


Gaius sidled up beside him and dropped a large, leather travel bag at Alle’s feet. With a naughty sparkle lighting up his amber eyes, he pecked Allerix on the cheek and said, “A perfect afternoon to play with Dacian knives, don’t you think?”

“Are those the fake falx blades? How did get you them up here?”

“Varius retrieved the weapons during his last trip to the Caelian, along with a few more scrolls from my library. Gods, I’m actually looking forward to heading home to Rome. Of course it’s lovely this time of the year in the Alban Hills, but I’m fucking bored. And my grandmother’s constant nagging is grating on my nerves. Too many blasted women up here.”

A curious veil of sadness fell across Gaius’s face, dimming his mischievous twinkle. Gaius cleared his throat and declared, “At least we have books and blades to occupy us.”

Off in the distance, the bright green fresh leaves on the beech trees hugging the shore of the mountain lake shook in the gentle breezes. Clusters of fluffy clouds plodded across the blue sky, while the formal plantings encircling the clear patch of grass bore their first blooms. Allerix glanced around the garden, searching for intruders, but they were alone. When Gaius turned his face with his finger and smiled, Alle said, “Books and blades are what come to mind when I think of you, sir.”

Gaius feigned surprise. “Not my colossal balls?”

Relieved to see Gaius playful once more, Alle snickered before nibbling his earlobe through a soft red curl. “Oh, those too. And your delicious prick.”

Gaius pulled him into a hug, close enough for the tips of their noses to touch. The bulge of his raging erection pressed against Alle’s bare, furry thigh. Gaius asked, “Do you want to spar or fuck?”

Feeling more cheeky than usual which he blamed on the welcome sunshine and the fresh spring air, Alle replied, “If I demonstrate a few more techniques for wielding the falx, will you share more of your exceptional techniques in your bed, Dominus?”

“Bed?” Gaius arched a silly brow and whispered, “Far too pedestrian, my dear Wolf Prince. But there is that delightful fountain over there. So many options.”

Alle glanced in the direction Gaius had tipped his chin. A large, colorful fountain with glass cube mosaics smothered its surfaces. Splashes of cool water gushed into the basin from the sculpted vases held by a beautiful, muscular marble fawn. The fountain sat right out in the open, where anyone could see.

Alle quickly conjured up at least three thrilling possibilities; all three involved him grinding his randy cock against the smooth, wet surface of that brawny stone faun. And if someone watched him and Gaius play in the fountain?

He fondled his hardening arousal through his short tunic and winked. “Creative suggestion, sir.”


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