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Sunday snippet

Book 3. Allerix’s POV. A morsel of a fun, emotional scene with Alle and Max. Author confession: I adore any scene where Allerix and Maximus chat. ❤️


“Well done, Alexandros. Here’s our gift for your blessings. Return to your station,” Gaius said with a wink so quick Allerix was sure he’d been the only person in the entire hall who’d noticed Gaius’s gesture of affection.

Allerix took the shiny coin from Gaius, quickly flipping it over in his palm to admire the intricate designs, and bowed again before trotting back to stand beside Maximus.

“What am I supposed to do with this piece of silver?” he asked Max.

“Put it away somewhere safe until you have enough coin to purchase your freedom.”

“So one day I’ll have to give it back to Dominus? Not much of a gift, is it?”

“Shut up and be grateful, Dacian,” Max snapped.



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