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Surprise Thursday amuse-bouche

Book 3. Allerix’s POV. Extra short because the dialogue gets spoilery quickly.

I should mention that I’d shared an old chunk of words I’d written ages ago with the members of our FB Dominus Readers Group yesterday. I’d thought that sexy bedroom scene might be a way to start the next chapter but after rereading it a few times, I realized the tone wasn’t right. It needed to be softer, cozier. So here’s some cozy.


Searching for Gaius’s warmth, Allerix rolled over and patted the cold mattress. He propped himself up on his elbow and rubbed his eyes. Gaius’s master chamber, illuminated only by clusters of stars and a waning moon, had transformed into a shamble of silhouettes. Alle rubbed his eyes again and squinted. The heavy curtains screening the balcony were pulled aside and tied to the columns. A quiet stillness hung in the chilly air.


“Out on the terrace, Alle,” Gaius replied in an unhurried casual tone.

Allerix wrapped the nearest blanket around his shoulders and staggered to the balcony. “May I join you, sir?”

Stretched out like a lynx along one of the plush couches, Gaius threw back the luxurious crimson bedcover draped over his naked body. “Please. Come admire the heavens with me.”

Tossing aside his makeshift mantle, Alle wriggled under the weighty blanket and settled his bum on the couch cushion between Gaius’s stout legs. Enjoying the squishy, seductive feel of Gaius’s large balls pressing against his bare back, he reclined on Gaius’s firm stomach and pointed at a light in the night sky. “That star burns bright tonight. Why are you out here at this late hour? Can’t you sleep, sir?”

Gaius leaned down and kissed the top of Alle’s head. “That’s not a star, love. She’s our pulchritudinous, fertile mother, Venus. No, despite my exhaustion, sleep still evades me as the bastard often does.”


JPK xoxo

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