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What's next?


Now that the Dominus series is done in terms of novels, folks have been messaging asking what is in the works next for me.

First, the audiobook of Favorites of Fortuna. Reviewing/proofing an audiobook takes a while, and this one is guaranteed to be both LONG and extra fabulous. The production of the audio has turned out to be one of my most favorite creative activities. We hope to have it in your hands and ears by year's end.

Second, plotting and writing new projects. Up first (I think) will be Charlie's standalone novel to explore the events at the end of Favorites of Fortuna. It will be a contemporary MM romance and an archaeological mystery thriller. LOTS of research will be needed for this one. I can't wait to see what Charlie has in store for us.

Third, a novella following our dear Gaius and Allerix on their adventures after the events of Favorites of Fortuna. I'd love to create an illustrated novella with the collaboration of an artist.

Fourth, a co-written historical fiction novel set in 18th century Italy. I have so many ideas for this project, and I've been saving research bits and bobs over the years as plot bunnies percolate in my twisted brain.

Finally, I have to finished setting up this website. Not my favorite activity but very necessary. I'll be using my website and newsletter more and more as my social media presence quiets down.

So that's what I have on my schedule, for now. Thank you all for your support over these past years. More new words and characters are coming!


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